Management Team Speaks

Here is some of the thoughts from our Founder and Secretary, Mrs.Vani Keshav on our new school.



Welcome to New Saint Peter's Convent. Ours is a premier school, known for its innovative and value based education. Our mission of the school is to impart quality education, it constantly strives to attract good faculty for its students and provides them with good infrastructure and in purposeful supportive environment. Our faculty members represent a range of interests, expertise, and backgrounds as rich and diverse.
We prides itself on its accomplished teachers from across the globe, who are also renowned in the academic world for developing cornerstone theory, authoring enduring textbooks, and advancing creative thinking. At New Saint Peter's Convent, students will be challenged by rigorous courses, leading scholars and brilliant classmates to achieve academic excellence. As there is no substitute for hands-on experience the students will be presented with opportunities and apply knowledge to real world practice, thereby we continuously introduce hands-on learning environment where students can experience, practice and learn by doing. We are firm in our commitment towards producing competent and confident students who can successfully face their future challenges.